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the eating corner (and what I wrote today)

I have many favorite people in this world, and Ms. Ann E. Cannon is one. She is a new friend as I met her face to face only two years ago. I don’t know Ann well enough to jog with her (like I would), but we’ve worked together so I can drop her name AND call upon her for writing advice. So I did. While eating at the Mazza Cafe, Ms. Ann shared this advice:

  • Establishing the setting and the problem is still a good way to start a story.
  • Chapters don’t HAVE to include “action” scenes to build suspense.

A Favorite Photo of a Favorite Person


Halloween is over, so why am I sporting a mustache?

This is NO disguise. This is my way of bringing attention to prostate cancer. Not exactly the equivalent killer that breast cancer is to women, it is still a devastating illness for many men. I realize that many of you may know someone who suffers from this form of cancer, and you may think, “Oh, men can live long lives after being diagnosed.” My father-in-law contracted prostate cancer, but that is not what took his life. Many years ago, John Huntsman, Sr. was informed he had the disease, and he was inspired to build the Huntsman Cancer Center as a result. He’s still among the living.

What some don’t know – and I used to be among those – is that the younger the man is when he contracts this disease, usually under 60, the more likely it is to spread into a deadly disease. G.E. and I know a very fine man who has battled prostate cancer for ten years. He is close to our age and has yet to beat it. He may not. So in addition to praying for this great husband, father, and grandpa, I am also sporting this mustache for him. (G.E. would grow one, too, if his employer allowed it.)

Nevertheless, many men are sporting mustaches during the month of November. And a few women, too. 😉