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Me and My Cockemamy Dreams

I know I renamed my blog “Life in 100 Words or Less,” but I’m already thinking of revising it to “Life in 100 Words – More or Less” because some posts just require more than the requisite 100. Today’s is one of those. Not that it is in the least bit more significant than any others.  I just don’t want to spend hours word-smithing. It’s amazing how fast 100 words accumulates.

G.E. wonders how I ever get any rest because my nights are filled with craziness, and I don’t even share all the dream’s details with him. (He already thinks I’m related to Stephen King.)

Last night’s dreamscapes were especially entertaining in a weird sort of way, and since G.E. isn’t particularly interested in hearing about them, I’m going to share with you lucky readers. (Insert smiley face.)

  • Dream 1: I completely missed my college science final and then took the wrong physical education test. Kept wondering what creating a mural about America’s reaction to the war on terror had to do with P.E, and then I had to convince the professor – my former Mormon bishop – to accept it.
  • Dream 2: I wandered into a time warp that took me to Moab, Utah where ancient members of a Mid-Eastern culture were recreating massive structures that ranged from Athen’s Pantheon to Rome’s aqueducts as well as Egyptian-like structures. In the midst of the project, scary priests (think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) offered human sacrifices, and I continually ended up in the line heading in that direction.
    • I held a little girl close to me while exploring different escape routes that included winding stone staircases, rapid water-slides, and rolling rivers. Along the way, I bumped into former school friends (who shall remain nameless) that helped me avoid purification rituals, survive earthquakes, and navigate mazes.
    • And all this on an empty stomach.

P.S. According to the Urban Dictionary, cockemamie means funny, silly, or foolish. I think it’s one of Sheldon Cooper’s favorite words. 

"Nightmare" ~ Compliments of Flickr's BrentBat!