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… i have a garden, a lovely garden …


For nine years I attended church at the LDS Pocatello Fifth Ward – that’s what we Mormons call our parishes. I have many fond memories of my religious upbringing there, and among them are the songs we learned in Primary.

Now a reception center, this chapel is where I worshiped.

Every Wednesday at 10:00 A.M. in the summer and 4:00 P.M. during the school year, children from 3 to 12 years old gathered at the meeting house on McKinley and Elm to sing songs and learn about the gospel. Sister Stolworthy was the chorister who taught me songs and melodies I sing or hum to this day.

While taking a walk in my yard last Wednesday to monitor the progress of our year-old plants, flowers, and trees, I remembered the first couple of lines to one of those old favorites from that long-ago time, and that heightened the joy I found in my garden that morning.

The little song, “I Have a Garden,” also reminds me of my grandmothers’ gardens that I enjoyed so much. They inspired me to create a miniature “secret garden” beneath their lilac bushes.

While the young flowers, bushes, and trees of my garden in the western desert have to mature into back yards like Grandma B.’s and Grandma H.’s, I enjoy it still.

I invite you to sing along as you peruse a few pictures of my growing patch of happiness . (Just follow the bouncing ball – oh, wait. Dear Mitch Miller passed away recently. There will be NO bouncing ball. Sorry.)

I have a garden, a lovely garden ...

with flowers blossoming ever-fair ...

Where sun shines brightly, and rain falls lightly ...

and breezes gather sweet fragrance there.

Song birds come singing out of the sky ...

butterflies winging, hovering by.

And in my garden, my lovely garden ...

there’s always beauty to greet the eye.

Oh, and we have veggies, too! A true MIRACLE!

Can't forget ZUCCHINI!

The rewards of tucking veggies amongst the flowers! From garden to grill! YUM!

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13 thoughts on “… i have a garden, a lovely garden …

  1. oh, your blog is beautiful….thank you for letting me walk in the garden

  2. Thanks, Sweet Donna. I am thinking about rearranging the pix though. I was feeling very nostalgic the day I created this post. Missing days gone by. Sigh

  3. What great pictures! I love it! Those clouds are beautiful too! You captured everything at its loveliest! And now I’m hungry for some veggies! 🙂

    • I’ll have squash coming outa my ears, and so I’ll give you some! I gave C. a crookneck yesterday – it was my apology squash for being incommunicado during a crisis! 😦

  4. Yea for squash! I made blueberry zucchini muffins yesterday and they were delicious!! Here’s the recipe if you want http://www.mybakingaddiction.com/blueberry-zucchini-bread/
    It’s actually for “bread” but I baked muffins to hurry it up–I still hadn’t gone to the store for milk after getting back from San Diego, so the kids needed breakfast, sans cereal.

  5. I love this post. Your yard is looking fantastic! I thought the roasted veggies included potatoes for a second there. That really caught my eye! But I am happy with veggies too. I loved the song connected to the pics. Very inspiring! Luv you!

    • Hi Cutie! How are you doing? I hope SuperWell!

      Do your remember singing that pretty little song? I love it, but I couldn’t remember all the lines. So, I Googled the lines I knew and found the lyrics embedded in a Deseret News Mormon Times story. I was so happy.

      I guess there is some sheet music of it for violins.

      As always, thanks so much for reading my blog and for leaving a note behind.

      Love you!

  6. Yea for lots of zucchini! I just made this: http://www.mybakingaddiction.com/blueberry-zucchini-bread/

    I made it into muffins because I was trying to rush them. It was Tuesday and I still hadn’t gone to the store too get milk for breakfast, so I needed something to feed the kiddos, sans cereal! They loved them! They were still great the next day, or you could freeze them for a quick grab later.

    • Lisa’s comment was sent to SPAM! I couldn’t believe it! The LAST thing in the world Lisa would cook or eat is SPAM! Yukky!

      Glad I finally found her great comment. Thanks, Lis!

  7. That song wasn’t in my repertoire, but others–like To A Wild Rose–was. Your garden is beautiful, and so weed-free. I’m busy trying to get ours back in some sort of shape in the back after a couple of neglectful years (we hired people to keep up the front, but not the back), and after three weeks or so of an hour to hour-and-a-half every weekday morning, I’m really pleased with the results. Our home has been here more than 50 years–time for lots of weeds to take hold as it backs up to the mountain, which you can’t actually control. We’re both lucky to be in Utah, one of THE most beautiful states in the west, don’t you think?!

  8. Oops! that should be were instead of was — first sentence! Someday I’ll remember to read before I post my comments! (I also forget to check notifications. I’ll take care of that too!)

  9. I attended church at the 5th ward, too, from birth (with my Mom) until about age 14 or 15. That would be 1940 to 1954-55.

  10. Thank you for your beautiful post! I lived in Pocatello in the late 1960’s, during Jr. High and some High School years. Love the song you mentioned; I learned it in Primary in Montana, and Washington. Still have fond memories of my mother singing the song. I think it was/is a favorite of hers, as she loves flowers and gardens. I also remember my mother and grandmother having fragrant lilacs in their gardens, and cutting some for indoor floral arrangements.

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