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Why have I had such a tough time publishing this first post? I can compose an epistle for my professional blog; I can whip out Tweets on Facebook; I can even “wax poetically” when responding to all my Ning buddies. But creating something witty, wise, and wonderful on the site I’ve designated to be my web log, my personal journal, my diary, my life history, I’m stuck. Bogged down. Waist-deep in quicksand. Dead in the water. You get the point.

So here I am at 12:34 A.M. attempting once again to draft something, anything, everything. I lie awake at night composing entries, and they sound good until I sit down to face my Dashboard. I want to shift into first and start cruising, but here I am stuck in neutral, stringing together a list of cliches!

Even while I am writing about not being able to write, I am thinking of a thousand topics I could tackle. But none of them seem good enough for this first entry. Shouldn’t it be a topic that sets the tone, operates as a landmark, or ignites a world of interest for whomever stumbles upon this rambling wreck?

Alas, no such luck. The muse has forsaken me. Some ill force is against this noble endeavor. But I’ll fool him/her/it. I’ll publish something terribly mediocre, but at least I’ve begun!

Author: rbs

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