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… Christmas ’09 ~ now among Christmases past …

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I haven’t written a word about 2010 yet and for good reason: the REBECCA’S DAUGHTER new year does NOT start until Monday, January 4, 2010! The holidays haven’t ended for me as yet. It’s nearing 2:00 A.M., and  I’m still basking in the light of my Christmas tree that will be UNdecorated tomorrow afternoon. I’m still thinking about the loveliness of the past 12 days and how much I enjoyed each one of them. And I’m still laughing at all the cute observations my grandchildren shared with the family. Here are just a few:

Mia, almost 4 (pointing at the cardboard cut-outs in the Nativity scene): There’s baby Jesus, baby Mary, baby Joseph, and the Holy Ghost.

Her mommy: Holy Ghost? Where is he, Mia?

Mia (pointing to an animal near the manger): Here, Mom.

Mommy: That’s a goat, Sweetheart.

Mia: Oh. Here’s baby Jesus, baby Mary, baby Joseph, and the Holy Goat.

Mommy dials Daddy as she laughs.

Mia: Who are you calling?

Mommy: I’m calling Daddy to tell him how funny you are.

Mia: Oh, he already knows. You don’t need to call him.


Upon visiting Temple Square on December 23, our family stopped by the life-sized Nativity to listen to the narration of the story of Christ’s birth, accompanied by music from the Tabernacle Choir. As each chapter of the story unfolded, spotlights lit up the shepherds or the Wisemen or the Holy Family, and the music swelled. Obviously touched by the presentation, Abby turned to us and EXCLAIMED, “I didn’t KNOW Bethlehem was TRUE!”


While driving to a matinee with my grandsons and grand daughter, I reached over to Brayden, 10, and asked, “Will you still give your grandma hugs and kisses when you’re a teenager or will you be too cool to do that anymore?”

Before Brayden could answer, Drew, 8, interjected, “My dad’s a lot older than a teenager and HE still LIKES you, Gramma!”


Okay, our cute Connor refused to play Joseph and he declined a request to operate a paper sack puppet, but he did summarize our Christmas experience when he exclaimed,

“This is the BEST Christmas EVER!”

And I have to agree that it was a very good Christmas! Lots of things made it that way – some big, some little – but they all added to the love and joy I felt.

  • I’m grateful our California kids celebrated with us. It is NO fun to cart 4 children AND Christmas for 6 nearly 1700 miles round trip! Oh, we appreciated it!
  • I enjoyed the MOCKtail party hosted by our SLC kids on Saturday night for ADULTS only. We were able to chat, laugh, and HEAR each other while enjoying delicious yummies.
  • I appreciated help with the setting up and cleaning up required to feed the 500. Headed by G.E., the boys and their wives jumped in to ensure that we ate only a little later than planned!
  • I was also grateful for my sous chefs on Christmas Day. Even with advanced preparation, we would have been eating a midnight without my daughters’-in-law help and support.
  • I loved the joyful gratitude of grandchildren who were thrilled to be with their COUSINS, aunts, uncles, and GRANDPARENTS!
  • I was especially thankful for G.E. ! He thought of so many details – like buying a pre-lit Christmas tree to lessen decorating frustrations and purchasing a high chair to replace the pathetic booster seat I bought years ago.  And he didn’t complain ONCE about money – not bad for someone who has just a little bit of Ebeneezer in his blood!


With this post,

I’ll put Christmas ’09 to bed,

knowing that reflecting

upon the many events through writing

made it all the better. 

Good night, All.


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