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Okay – some days just don’t look good from the minute “classic country’s” twang jars me awake. (This is G.E.’s newest attempt to force us out from under the covers! It’s a miserable experience on so many levels!)          

When the Monday blahs stare me in the face, I search for reasons to smile, and I usually don’t have to go far. Browsing through photos saved in a file or posted on Face Book by family members can “chuckle” me up. So here are some that helped me find my grin!          

(I know I’m NOT a good photographer and sometimes the batteries in my cute red CoolPix are out of juice, and so I resort to using my G1 phone camera that doesN’T zoom, BUT I must remind you that the AMAZING banner that heads this blog is a RenaeMonet created from a PhonePhoto with a little help from PhotoShop. Sorry, but it had to be said! Again.)         

This is TRULY a candid photo I didn't even know I snapped! Taken from my phone camera of Cutie Carter on his 2nd birthday as I slipped my G1 into my pocket, it's better than ones I purposely clicked!


Another blurred phone-photo, here's BIG BRO CONNOR and his Little Great-Gramma sorta singing the birthday song!


Taylor is ALWAYS the smilin' girl!


This Pixie's pic was taken a few months ago. Now she has a hair more hair!


How much is that Mia in the window? The one with the funniest face?


Sister to Sister!


Tim's version of me - I asked him to slim down some of the rolls, and he obliged. Wish it was truly that easy!


Goggle Guy is sh-sh-shivering!!!


"You keep doin' that and your eyeballs will STICK!"


 (I copied and pasted these pix from Andy’s Face Book pate page. (That typo was too funny to delete! To remove any doubt, my son is NOT wearing a pate on his FB page!) Wish I could enlarge the Maegan pix. Under her crossed eyes picture, Andy quotes Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation (I think) – something about falling down wells and then getting kicked by a mule. 80’s kids can relate, I suppose!)    

NO they won't!!!


Hope you enjoyed these fun fotos. Don’t think I forgot Brayden, Spencer, and Abby! These are random – remember? (Sometimes I have to send out a search party to find Spencer Buddy, but I’ll devote a post to you guys and little gal soon!) Thanks to all subjects for their cheering influence. I loves you all!

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