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Hello loyal followers who are sticking with me in spite of my crazy idea of mashing up Tess of the d’Urbervilles. I know the progress has been slow, but it will pick up here. Any moment. I think.

I have lots to do: finish “splicing” chapter 4 – which is looking good because it fills in with werewolf back-story AND foreshadows creepy plot-twists. I hope to post it tomorrow night, and chapter 5 on Friday-ish. No “pinky-swear,” but that’s the hope. I also need to review ALL the chapters written thus far with an eye for more revising and editing!!!

In the meantime, however, YOU are in for a T.R.E.A.T. because I am unveiling a POSSIBLE cover for the IMPOSSIBLE book! Are you ready? And excited? Hold on now. It’s coming in stages, but I think you will enjoy the journey.

Step 1. Finding the inspiration:

From I-Google's "Art of the Day," I discovered "The Black Brunswicker" by John Everett Millais

Step 2. Finding a willing artist:

Enter My Quiet Mind Art ~ John Cooke, husband of my sweet friend and colleague, Tiffany Cooke!

Step 3. John’s initial ideas:

Step 4. John’s experiments:

Good Doggie!


Tess: a wisp of a girl!












Step 5. Almost there:

Rather Gothic, don't you think?

Step 6. The Final Cover by Monsier John Cooke


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