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… 50-word sci-fiction: ALTERNATE UniversAL Studios’ Star …


His break came when he landed the dancing lead in Foot-Lost, a musical flick aimed at the younger crowd.

Never one to be type-cast, he later refused to recreate roles like the space cadet in Astro 13.

Now Vinek Coban enjoys playing bad alienoids like Bastian Wash in X-Oids: The First Ones. 

Vinek Coban, star of FOOT-LOST, ASTRO 13, and X-OIDS: THE FIRST ONES

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3 thoughts on “… 50-word sci-fiction: ALTERNATE UniversAL Studios’ Star …

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Love it! Foot-lost is GRRRREAT! hahahahahaha!

    • So glad you got a laugh out of this one. It’s kinda out there I know. I found that alien creation and totally thought it was Kevin Bacon all decked out in a creepy creature costume! 🙂 I think some will feel I’m getting desperate for 50-word ideas. And guess what, I am. Any suggestions???? =)

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