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Memorial Day – aka “Decoration Day” – 2012


This is actually one of my favorite holidays, and I am touched when we make the cemetery rounds and find hundreds of families and folks still paying homage to their loved ones.

Today, we left mums, small versions of Old Glory, and lots of love at the grave sites of our fathers and mother. We have not forgotten you, Daddy, Chuck, and Pat. AND we miss you oh so very much.

Love Renae and Gary

Our traditional, yearly photo op: Connie B, Cute Mama, and me.

The “past-its-prime” flower and note are from a Cub Scout den, and they are saying thanks for Dad’s service to his country. Sweet, huh?

This man was a great son to his parents, and he’s a wonderful husband to me!

It’s wonderful to see that their 5 children honor Charles Harold and Jenny (Pat) with flowers and loves!

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2 thoughts on “Memorial Day – aka “Decoration Day” – 2012

  1. When I was growing up, Memorial Day was the day we met other relatives at the cemeteries and all spent the day cleaning up the cemetery, having pot luck dinner under the trees, and of course the kids playing tag and swinging the Spanish moss. I wonder what the cemeteries back home look like today. Yours is a nice custom.

  2. My birthday falls on the “traditional” Memorial Day, and so my growing-up years were spent cleaning up the Arimo, Idaho grave sites and placing peonies, lilacs, roses, and irises (or “flags” as we once called them) in foil-wrapped coffee cans at the headstones of loved ones. Then there was a potluck lunch that included birthday cake and song for me. I loved it.

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