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… SanJoseSalisbury’s SpringFling …

THE ARRIVAL ~ Is there anything more warming that hearing “GRAMMANAE! GRAMMANAE!”? Is there anything more cuddly than BIG hugs from little arms? Is there anything more touching than “SIT BY ME, GRAMMA! SIT BY ME!!!”? Is there anything more welcoming than grandchildren meeting you at the airport? What a way to start a visit!!! 

DAY 1 ~ Thursday, April 15th

Breakfast::  Mixed fruit parfaits with home-created YOGURT and homemade granola (Eating great food is a big part of the SanJoseSalisbury experience!)

Trip to the Children’s Discovery Museum: Abby and Maegan LOVE this place; Brayden and Drew – not so much. Here are pictures of B and D TRYING to be BORED; Abby and Maegan being girly GIRLS!

“1 – 2 cha cha cha!”

"I'm forever making bubbles!"

Are we bored yet?

"Tiny Bubbles in the S-I-I-N-K!"

"Whoo ... whooo ... whooooo."

"Stay right there, Brayden! Ready! Aim! SQUIRT!"


"Your order will be ready in a minute, Gramma!"

"So we serve plastic food, Gramma! It's has NO CALORIES whatsoever!

All right, already. Let's go. Take a bow, Drew!

It's okay, Maegan. We won't forget you!

After such a BORING morning, we enjoyed a GREAT lunch back at the ranch (ham and cheese on DELICIOUS homemade whole wheat bread) and a L-O-N-G bike ride to the park. Well, the kids biked and GrammaNae walked and walked and walked. Maegan slept – LUCKY!

Dinner ~ marinated flank steak and HOME FRIES! YUM!