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… house divided … capture the flag – Utah vs. BYU …

G.E. recently purchased his THIRD University of Utah flag. It seems the weather here in Utah County is not kind to these cloth representatives of that university to the north. Near the end of football season, the red U on a field of BLACK is pretty much obliterated. (So sad.)

To counter the winds of fate, my husband brought home a new flag that boasts the dimensions of a KING-SIZED bed-sheet! And hung it from the rafters above our garage door – the traditional place of honor for said flag.

But G.E. didn’t forget his darling wife and her loyalties which differ slightly from his own. Out of the kindness of his heart he purchased a BYU flag to replace the one that mysteriously disappeared last spring. (G.E. claims the wind blew away with it, too. Sure.)

Anyway here are his purchases:

The bed sheet!

The hankie. >_<

BUT I figured a way to even the score – at least on THIS blog:


the mini-flagette!