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… Christmas poems … just in time for New Years …

Unlike the East, we here in Utah missed out on a WHITE Christmas, but 2010 is exiting on the Polar Express! All this powder – “IT’S SO FLUFFY!” – reminded me that I did NOT post the Christmas poems I wrote with my 7th graders back in the mid-90s.

Because the “formula poems” from my Winterscape collection has been this blog’s most visited post, I decided to share the others that make up the 11-poem booklet. Remember, these are simplistic in nature AND written by an amateur poet!

  1. “Christmas Shopping” is a parody of a popular holiday song. I’ll bet you can guess what original lyrics inspired my version. Also note the “clip art” I cut out from the Deseret News. Some of those stores haven’t been around in a while!
  2. The next two are called “diamantes” because of the diamond shape the words create. Start with a word, add 2 adjectives, 3 participles, 4 synonymous nouns, 3 more participles, 2 more adjectives, and another word that can be substituted for the first one. 
  3. “Where is Christmas?” is a sensory poem that incorporates images evoked by the 5 senses: sight, audio, taste, smell, and touch. “Formula poets” can use this format for ANY subject. For instance, when I taught in Georgia, I assigned my students to write this kind of poem about the Peach State. And I’ve worked with other kids in creating sensory images about Halloween and autumn. Anyway, you get the point. It’s really quite fun.

    Well, Friends. That’s it. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas; have a GREAT New Year; and BE SAFE!