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… celebrating fall in farm country …

On the most perfect of autumn days, with temps in the low 70s, GrammaNae took her little brood of grandchillins to historic Wheeler farm. Assisted by daughter-in-law Kara and grown-up grand daughter Taylor, the 8 of us wound our way through a mini-maze, visited the “Pumpkin Pie” – as Connor called the Patch, checked out the animals, toured the farm on a hay wagon, climbed trees AND rode horses.

Picking out the BIGGEST pumpkin took some time, and I don’t think there was ONE gourd that wasn’t scrutinized, picked up, and THROWN back down. (I feared we’d be expelled from the “PiePatch,” but miraculously, NOT one splattered!)

To see the great fun we had that day, check out this super slide show! What BLAST!

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