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… MAYBE spring actually arrived today …

We’ve only enjoyed 5 days that were warmer than 70 degrees this spring, and this was one of them. ┬áTo celebrate, I want to direct you to 3 of what MAY BE my favorite spring time posts. These entries also celebrate my SECOND year of blogging! (Actually, I’ve been blogging since 2007 if you count my Link2Literacy blog for teachers that I work on from time to time, but who’s counting, right?)

Anyway here are reruns of 3 spring-a-lings. (I LOVE to make up words!) Is RE-posting sort of like RE-gifting???

  1. Spring turns a young man’s fancy to love, right? Well, young men are NOT the only ones! Click HERE to read about romantic WORMS – yes, I said worms! I was a little desperate for topics in the early years, but this one is still pretty funny.
  2. BUT spring can also bring out the worst in some of us as we tackle noxious weeds, plant-eating insects, and my personal UNfavorite- VOLES. Go HERE for a tale of what’s even worse: ALIEN voles! (Not ones who sneak across boarders, but those who create crop circles! Seriously!)
  3. Last of all, I want to remind those who think spring might be here (people like me and dozens of others who posted on FaceBook about the SUNSHINE) that Mother Nature can be cruel, especially here in Utah where our weather tends to be “bi-POLAR”! (Clever little play on words, isn’t it?) The quick slide show posted HERE shows one and all what a difference a day can make in Utah.
Please stop by one or more of the above sites because I LOVE COMPANY. Happy Springtime in the Rockies to you all!