Writing My Life

Now and Then


And then I started writing!

If the ideas are flowing, stay put and get them down while you can. NEVER interrupt the flow of words.

~ Jennifer Stewart

Saturday morning.

C.r.a.w.l.e.d. outa bed at 9:00 A.M.

Brushed my teeth while perusing list of blog favs.

Sorted AND threw a batch of dirty clothes into the washer.

Cleaned myself up.

Took a phone call.

Peeled fresh peaches and topped my frosted mini wheats with them.

Looked for a book to read while eating breakfast; decided to just enjoy the food.

Answered the door to a borrower of a needed water jug.

Sat down at the computer.

Dialed up Pandora and my Michael Buble’ station.

Started WRITING!

1116 wonderful words added to the 701 words I wrote A MONTH AGO!

I don’t know if they are wonderful, but they are on my computer screen.

Safely saved.

Five more pages to equal 8 total.

I just typed away.

No revising or editing – well, maybe just a little, but not much.

The only thing/person to interrupt the flow of words was my husband who came in to cool off from working in the hot sun: mowing the lawn, weeding flowerbeds, etc. And to see how the wash was coming. He has this thing about clean clothes. But he also told me last night that he was going to ask me EVERY DAY how many pages I had written on my novel. Cute.

Got a long way to go, but hey, today I feel great!