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… one more Memorial Day tribute … maybe ….


Dad dressed like this while serving as a Top Turret Gunner in a "Flying Fortress.

When I was young I thought Memorial Day or Decoration Day – as it was also called – was set aside to honor ALL whohad departed. And Americans do that, but I did not realize it is primarily a day to remember those servicemen who are no longer with those they fought for. While we attended the grave sites of both my father’s and G.E.’s, I thought of the time a few years ago when we learned more about my Dad’s’ war by visiting the Mighty 8th Air Force Heritage Museum near Savannah, Georgia. It was a great experience for us both, and the biggest thrill was finding Dad’s name carved on the long veteran’s wall.

Here is just a taste from that day of learning and thanksgiving.

The Mighty 8th Air Force Heritage Museum 2003

The 379th Bomber Group

What they all fought for - PEACE!

G.E. points to Daddy's name on the Veteran's Wall

My hero!