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Day 15 ~ To “See” or Not to “See” ….

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I’ve decided not to start with a title because the last few entries strayed so far from my original idea that I was forced to manipulate the title to bring it a little closer to the point but still not drastically removed from the original. The reason I feel compelled to keep a semblance of my first title is because it remains forever embedded in the web-address. I don’t know why I feel I must explain this, but I do.

Today, I am thankful for options to delete OR to change the visibility of entries. You see, last night I decided to write about the wonders of rocking a child, especially your own or a grandchild. Instead I launched into a description of my insane week.

The words just flew from brain to fingers to screen! I was in the zone; I was experiencing flow; and IT FELT GOOD. All the frustrations, indignities, and craziness of the past days melted away – I felt like I was in a Calgon bath. Ahhhhhhhhh!

And it was a funny piece, too. Sure sarcasm lay at the heart of the humor, but it wasn’t too vicious. Furthermore, my points were pretty well made – at least I thought so, and for awhile I believed some of my very few readers would agree.

Refreshed and revitalized, I clicked the “Publish” button after only two minor revisions (a first, I believe) and readied for bed at 9:22 P.M.  Before 10:00, I snuggled deep into the down comforter, hoping to quickly fall asleep. And then it hit me. My post was an ornery one! Guilt became my bedfellow, and I started reviewing every line and countering every point.

I am FORTUNATE to own the issues I have. What did I really have to complain about? Sure, I may have been right about this or that, but is being right always important? Especially when others’ feelings are involved? And I care very much about these “others.” What if a miracle occurred, and they actually logged on and read my blog – something the NEVER do, but what if this time they did? How would they take it? Would they see the humor in the situation, and maybe even agree with me? Probably NOT.

They would offer counter points, too, that could make sense if I were open minded at all. Oh, and I also brought the circumstances upon myself by agreeing to participate! As always, I have options, and I chose the first one, so why complain – right?

Darn, before 15 minutes passed, I decided to delete the entry, but I’m trying to post 30 times in 30 days! (CURSE YOU, NaBloPoMo.) I really didn’t have the time to delete this posting and create another. And I then I remembered the visibility option – the Holy Grail of blogging repentance. Hoo ray! I could make these grumpy thoughts PRIVATE ones! For MY eyes only! Whew!

Besides, it was a pretty good entry. I made some decent arguments. And it was kind of funny.

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