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Day 16 ~ Thankful that ALL Ended WELL!

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Day 16 NaWriMoPo November challenge: Starting the downward slope!

For awhile there, I thought I’d be checking myself into the nearest asylum, but not only did I survive, relationships thrived! I just finished a stint caring for my oldest son’s 4 children while Mom and Dad cruised the Caribbean. I share the responsibilities with the “other” grandma, taking shifts 1 and 3: the bookend weekends. This equaled 6+ days of the 10.

During my first shift, oldest sister asked if she could rollerblade with her friend for a FEW minutes, and she even volunteered to take along her littlest brothers(ages 3 and 18 months) and push them in their double stroller. This enabled me to clean up uninterrupted, a luxuary for moms and babysitters!

About 30 LONG minutes later, as I was ready to head out in search of Sis, the phone rang.

Hi! (panic in voice of young stranger.) This is M., T.’s friend. (Voice pitch rising with every word) Well, T. fell on top of C. (18-month-old) while she was trying to help C.J. (3-year-od). And, well, she thinks her arm is broken.

Me: WHERE ARE YOU? (Voice pitch can’t rise any higher or grow any louder)

M.: Uh, we’re at the big church (1/2 mile away and on a busy street), and we’re walking home.

Me: STAY PUT; I’LL BE RIGHT THERE! (Oh, great! Can’t wait to call the parents and tell them that before they even left the harbor, their daughter might be docking at the emergency room!)

Upon my arrival at the accident scene, the uninjured friend was pushing the injured 10-year-old and BOTH toddlers in the stroller! (If I hadn’t been in stress mode, I would have snapped a picture with my camera!)

Grampa arrived at home about the same time I safely delivered the sobbing victim, and he proceeded to boost her spirts: “Come on now, little camper! Don’t you know you have pioneer blood in your veins? Why your ancestors crossed the plains without a whimper or a whine! Now dry up those tears so I can get you to the doctor. I can’t take you to the clinic if you’re crying.”

The tender attention perked her right up. Three hours later, Grampa returned with the laughing T. and her giggling friend. No broken arm, but ace bandages held the form-fitting splint in place. Once the X-rays were analyzed, the doctor assured her that she could take off the splint, but NO! Miss T. had to come back with some indicator that she had been injured. She wore the splint for 2 and a half hours.

This is NOT the only adventure of the 6 days in November, but it’s all I can record right now! Just think, I didn’t miss a posting an entry on my blog during the entire fiasco!!!

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