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Day 18 ~ Thankful That I’m NOT Bitten by TWILIGHTmANIA

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Okay, maybe I’m a little jealous that my sister is going to see the New Moon premiere with her daughters at a theatre bought out by a friend of my niece’s, and they’re going to get Twilight gift bags and everything. But on the other hand, I’m NOT 15 anymore even though READING Twilight made me feel that way all over again – which was kinda fun!

What I’m REALLY covetous of is Stephanie Meyer’s drive to write a book based on a dream because she didn’t want the story to end upon awakening. So she put pen to paper or fingers to keys and worked through the Edward and Bella relationship. And then, she gathered up enough gumption to get the thing published, and the rest is history.

I would only assume that aspiring writers naturally turn green at the very mention of the famous author’s name, but I’ve found that successful authors are disgusted with her celebrity as well. When I say disgusted, I mean disgusted that they didn’t throw a sexy teen vampire into one of their plots. Young Adult writer, Gary Soto, didn’t mince any words about wishing he had thought of that. Of course, his vampire character would have been a Latin hunk.

(I need to find out what Anne Rice thinks of this latest outbreak of vampire mania and the author who re-ignited it. I wonder if Twilight readers have turned into Vampire Chronicle readers because they are thirsting  looking for more. – Sorry I couldn’t resist the pathetic pun; probably should have inserted a “pun alert.”)

The interesting phenomenon about phenomenons is that a writer like J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer didn’t wake up one day and declare, “Today I’m going to write an international best-selling series that will knock the socks off readers both young and old. And the books will be so wildly popular that production studios will beat down my door, begging to adapt the books into movies. Finally, marketing crazies will mass produce everything from action figures to blood-based cosmetic lines that will not only make the fans happy, they will make me a multi-millionaire/billionaire.”

No, these women tapped into their imaginations and then ran with the results because they liked their stories and wanted to see their characters come to life for themselves and for whatever readers might find these people on paper interesting. (Whew! That’s a long sentence!)

Two of my four sons have similar desires, but in the movie world. My oldest, Chris, has written at least 7 screen plays and has yet to see one make it to a screen – big or little. But he doesn’t quit writing AND marketing to investors. (See Bullpen Studios! Very cool!)

His youngest brother Tim shares his dreams and his talents with his big brother. Two of Chris’ screen-writes are Tim’s creation. Plus Little Brother has acted in some indies, performed on stage, photographs the world, digitally draws like a professional! Of course, he does all this WITHOUT pay! He’d be a starving student if he didn’t live in our basement while chasing his dream. We just hope he catches it before turning 30! And so does he!!

As for me, blogging is the closest I’ve come to “publishing” on a continuous basis. And I like to think I bring a little laughter into the lives of the 5 or 10 readers who drop by on occasion. That doesn’t mean, I don’t have dreams of something bigger. I suppose I better get on with the pursuit. At age 61, I don’t have all the time in the world. But who does?


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One thought on “Day 18 ~ Thankful That I’m NOT Bitten by TWILIGHTmANIA

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