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During NaBloPoMo I wrote about a couple of historical moments: President Kennedy’s election and assassination, and the Berlin Wall’s destruction. In both of those posts, I mentioned that I wished I had recorded my feelings when the events occurred. To a small degree, I remember how I felt, but hindsight provides a very different view.

With that in mind, I decided I MUST write about the historical moments I’m witnessing now. The most signficant is the 2008 election of Barack Obama, the first African-American president. His first year in office is coming to a close, and it has been a most difficult one. President Obama took on more problems than most presidents, excluding Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt – who happen to be his heroes.

Among the challenges his administration inherited are an economy in crisis and a war being fought on two fronts. The U.S. AND the world are slowly climbing out of “The Great Recession,” a descriptor that indicates the severity of the situation that is reminiscent of “The Great Depression” of the 1930s.

Tonight President Obama also announced a troop build-up in Afghanistan where Islamic extremists and terrorists are swelling in ranks. This is an 8-year struggle that was neglected after President George W. Bush decided to take out Saddam Hussein – his father’s old nemisis. (But that’s ANOTHER story of unfinished business and imaginary “weapons of mass destruction.”)

While I did not vote for President Obama, I really WANTED him to win. I’m accused of being enamored of his charismatic personality and his eloquent oratory, and that is partially accurate. But I am also drawn to his intelligence, his grit, his courage, and even his politics. (Now that really freaks out some individuals who are certain that the man is pushing this country  into becoming a socialistic nation – a state just a hair above Hell.)

President Obama’s dedication to reform health care is at the heart of this criticism. I guess I am liberal-minded because I believe in affordable health care. Furthermore, I also believe that American taxpayers will pay for an improved program, or we’ll pay for the uninsured that turn to welfare and bankruptcy, etc. Whether it’s increased taxes or fees and interest, we’ll be out-of-pocket.

One interesting backlash for my support of  President Obama occurred on Facebook – a popular social network. An old high school acquaintance “befriended” me and occasionally commented upon my FB wall. I usually avoid topics concerning religion or politics, but when an outrage erupted over President Obama’s desire to speak to the nation’s students at the beginning of the school year, I HAD to say SOMETHING!

I could not understand why people were against his desire to encourage America’s youth to study hard and to make the most of their education. I was appalled at the lack of respect for our nation’s leader. Good grief, he didn’t want to BRAINWASH them with socialist drivel! He wanted to INSPIRE them. I felt like some parents were afraid that their children would hear this positive message and actually LIKE the man and what he said. Mommies and Daddies just didn’t want to run the risk of kidlets becoming critical thinkers.

This is what I wrote on September 3, 2009:

Is the president of the United States going to present a message that is rated PG? Or PG13? Thus requiring parental consent? From what I understand, the content of his speech centers on the importance of setting goals and getting an education, being of service to our fellowmen, and taking care of our earth. I did not vote for President Obama, and I do not agree with all of his policies; nevertheless, I respect him as the president of this great nation. This is NOT a state of the union address; nor is he “candidate” Obama. So why should “someone respond” to his remarks? He is the president. How would “someone” respond? Quit school? Turn against your neighbors? Trash the earth? Who is making this political? And why? Is the message one of indoctrination or one of concern about the youth of this nation? I prefer to believe it’s the latter. And if I am disappointed, I’ll talk to the children in our family about it.

My old school mate commented that she was too conservative for the conversation that eventually erupted, and I replied that I welcomed ALL comments. I think it’s a healthy discourse when people civally disagree. And then she added …

My mind just goes back to the days of Seminary when we were taught that the Bear would devour the Eagle. I always thought that meant we were in danger of nuclear destruction, but upon further study I learned that the destruction would come from within. What scares me is that I can sense the coming of socialism from inside the country, which results in the above statement. I don’t base my opinions by the news media, I base it on my own studies.
After that comment, she “dropped” me as her friend. I sent a private message to her apologizing if I had offended her. I asked if we couldn’t agree to disagree. She did write back and quoted more “prophesies” that I NEVER remember studying, especially ones with racial overtones! (Where did THOSE come from?) I think her opinion really pinpointed her true objections, however,  when she wrote the following:
I deleted you only because I felt that I did not fit into your group and have no business imposing myself. … I can see that I do not belong in your group of friends any more now, than I did in high school.
Sigh. I am 61, not 16, but I guess getting past high school issues is just as difficult as getting beyond political differences. Sigh again.

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