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Day 30 ~ Hallelujah! I Did It!!

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There were so many things I coulda and shoulda been doing, but I got caught up in the spirit of the challenge! Here are 10 reasons I am THANKFUL that I did.

  1. I achieved a sense of accomplishing something that didn’t matter to anyone in the world but me.
  2. Good practice for meeting deadlines – something I manage but not well.
  3. I confirmed my suspicion that my writing muse is a terrible procrastinator.
  4. My typing speed improved as I rushed to submit BEFORE the witching hour.
  5. I learned that I can write an entire piece WITHOUT stopping to edit every other sentence. (That’s what you HAVE to do if you want to finish!)
  6. My appreciation for NaNoWriMo participants skyrocketed! Blogging is hard enough.
  7. Sticking to a theme (gratitude) for 30 days is NOT easy, even if I am thankful for 100s of things.
  8. A non-relative actually commented on my blog! (Thank you, Wintersong!)
  9. I needn’t worry so much about blogging family secrets as neither my sons or husband EVER read my posts!
  10. I LOVED IT and will have a hard time NOT blogging everyday. (I’ll miss you NaBloPoMO!!!)

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