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My blogfriend, Wintersong, posted pictures of her decorating efforts some time ago. She also posted a tender story about her husband’s sweet surprise Christmas gift he created for her: an amazing ceramic crèche! The Nativity characters were American Indians Native Americans peoples native to this land. So BEAUTIFUL!   

Because of my G.E.’s surprise(?) and early Christmas gift to me, I can post pictures of my holly decked cottage-on-the-green (now white with snow). I told my romantic love that I wanted an easy point-and-shoot digital camera for Christmas. (Isn’t THAT a romantic gift?) He soon found examples in the Black Friday ads, and I showed him the RED one I liked on sale at Target. (It was a door-buster.)   

“Why don’t you call the store to see if they have any more,” G.E. suggested.   

“Ok-a-a-a-y,” I reluctantly replied. Only because I REALLY wanted the camera did I comply! One frustration almost as crazy as SHOPPING on Black Friday is the convoluted process of CALLING stores the day after Thanksgiving. Only computerized phone operators are available to direct, redirect, and lose your call.  

Fifteen options, 7 department switches, and 20 minutes on hold finally brought me the expected answer, “No, ma’am, I’m afraid we’re out of those.”   

I passed on the information to Hubby, and settled down to finish the book I started while on hold. Soon I dozed off, but maintained a semi-conscious state that kept me clued into G.E.’s comings and goings.   

An hour or so later, I woke up and decided to post my 27th entry for NaBloPoMo. As I settled down to log into the computer, I first noticed the Target ad on the desk. Next, I had to close out a window opened to an Amazon order as well as a few other related windows – all plastered  with Nikon cameras, even some red ones! (I’ve heard red cameras are MUCH better than the traditional black ones.)  

I just had to chuckle at my husband’s discretion.  A sneaky elf, he is NOT!When G.E. finished showering and saw me situated at the computer, he looked a little sheepish and said, “Oh, I guess you know what you’re getting for Christmas, huh?”   

“Duh!” (Tempted as I was, I didn’t blurt out the interjection.)   

“Well, it’ll be here on Tuesday,” he excitedly added. “So you can start using it FOR the holidays!” He may struggle with creating surprises, but he is enthusiastic about whatever he finds for me. And I am thrilled with the camera and tickled that I can use it now. Here are some of the first fruits of my labors.   

Wreaths, spotlights, and snow = the extent of our exterior decorating

G.E.’s middle initial stands for Ebeneezer when it comes to hanging lights for the holidays. Only if I strung lights on the INSIDES of our windows did our home whisper of Christmas cheer. But when we lived in Georgia, we noticed that many neighbors hung wreaths at their windows and fixed spotlights on their houses – simple, easy, and perfect for Mr. Grinch (G.E.’s first initial).  


Christmas cottage lights up the dark, winter night.
My mom was famous for changing the furniture around AND for changing her Christmas decor. I have the same habit but for a different reason: I can’t remember what I put where from one year to the next. With my handy little camera, I can now document how I arranged holiday do-dads for Christmas 09! Yay! 


 Why are men so attracted to grandfather clocks? G.E. bought this one for our 31st anniversary – is that the year for such gifts?

I like Poinsettias; G.E. likes clocks!


Cozy Christmas Cottage

 I love how inviting my home looks – in pictures. In reality, it seems all a-clutter. BUT when I put away all the Christmas decorations, it seems spacious and clutter-free again! Have you ever noticed that?  

Mom's ceramic tree!

Mom used to be heavily into ceramics, but then she turned her interests to stained glass. The elephant mug is one she made when I was very young, but the tree dates back only 10 or 15 years. When I set out the tree this year, I suddenly thought it was only right that I pair it with another of her ceramic handiworks – my favorite mug. Because I always drank hot cocoa from him, I felt he deserved to mingle with all the other holiday mugs from which my children and grandchildren will sip hot chocolate. 

Happy Holidays!

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3 thoughts on “… no BIG surprise …

  1. Your home looks wonderfully inviting. One simple thing we used to do when we were living in Connecticut was put a single candle in each window. The real candles turned into electric ones eventually as they were safer to leave burning in every room than the real ones. I enjoy the holiday dos. It’s the cleaning afterward that I really don’t enjoy. Love the elephant mug.

  2. Alice, I better start reading more blogs as I’m always referring to yours. I was embarrassed that I hadn’t edited this entry. I meant to hit save and clicked on publish instead. And I still have a time placing photos where I want them to go. Thanks for your continued support!

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