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… Christmas ’09 ~ the pix …


 Sledding …

Snow fell in the morning, creating powdery conditions, which might be great for skiing but not so much for sledding. Nevertheless, the cousins owned the slopes as many children were still in school that Tuesday afternoon.

 Here come the GIRLS! Our Abby was courageous as she maneuvered the sled, safe in the arms of her big-girl cousin Taylor! 


To combat the powdery conditions, the dads applied a nice coating of WD-40 to the sleds! Yes, it was almost a clip from Christmas Vacation as the cousins zipped past other sledders at not-quite rocket speeds!

In the meantime, Mommies busily wrapped presents, stitched dolls, and baked goodies. It was a wonderful, wonderful day!

Nativity Re-enactment …

Sadly, the camera work isn’t the best as the camera owner and helpers were learning how to operate this complicated point ‘n shoot device, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy the results and the commentary anyway!    

  No rocking or stick horse in the stable; so our traditional understudy for Mary’s donkey is the little blue elephant! And that is NOT the old hag from Snow White fame begging to rent a room from the “GRUMPY(?)”   innkeeper, played by our sweet Taylor. It’s yet another understudy, rather a pathetic one, who stepped in to play the part of Joseph at the last moment.

  As a 2-year-old, Connor was a fantastic shepherd, but THIS Christmas, his agent held out for a bigger cut of the holiday YUMMIES. Unfortunately, negotiations failed, and the production went with the understudy to play the part of Joseph! Let’s hope Connor comes around for next year! (There are rumors of  EXTRA Tootsie Roll Pops if he’ll consent!)   

WHAT? There’s NO room in the BATHROOM either?

It seems that Joseph and Mary were not the only visitors searching for a room at an inn. Here’s little Evie, age 1, knocking on doors as well!  

Finally settled in the stable, Mary brought forth her newborn child. Our little actress was all seriousness in spite of the rowdiness of the audience.      

 One-year-old Maegan, made a surprise appearance as the angel. Until I saw this photo, I thought our play was angel-LESS because 3-year-old Mia opted to be a shepherd instead. Maegan needed no costume as her golden curls created the perfect halo!   

 The shepherds, Spencer and Mia, finally found Mary and the Babe. There REALLY are 2 shepherds in this shot. If you look hard, you can see our original angel-turned-shepherd who turned her back to the camera. She looks rather like a Tatooine Jawa.    

 When she comes out from under a towel, the shepherdess/Jawa, looks like this – see why we wanted her to play an angel!    

 We also had ONE Wiseman visit the holy family, but our cameraman failed to get him on film in costume. You’ll have to take my word for how dashing he looked in his turban! And he did a great job of  delivering all three gifts – frankincense, gold, and myrrh.  

No, Santa did not perform the narrating duties. Our Brayden retold the story from memory, even quoting some verses word for word. It was wonderful!     

    For the finale, 7 of the 10 grandchildren reminded the audience that animals also honored the Christ Child. The older ones recited the traditional English carol, “The Friendly Beasts,”  while the little ones waved paper-sack puppets around and around and around!

  Carter, 18-months old, is a future performer. I understand he has plans to up the Wisemen count!

Just wanted you to catch another view of Maegan, the walk-on Angel!

     No matter how I try to delete this duplicate picture, it will NOT disappear without taking half this blog with it. So, enjoy the double feature! (CURSE you, WordPress!)


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8 thoughts on “… Christmas ’09 ~ the pix …

  1. Cute pictures! Everything looks so fun! I hope you had a great time! Such cute grandkids. How can I get some of those? Oh – wait, there’s a step I need to take inbetween huh.

    • YaY! Carolyn left a comment! I LOVE it! We did have such a great time. Gar said your can’t have our grandkidlets, but here’s to those in-between steps! : )

  2. Merry Christmas (belated) and Happy New Year, Salisburys!
    Looks like it was wonderful. A bad day with grandchildren beats most any good day, right?
    Hope you are all well and happy in Utah.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blogsite after I shamelessly promoted it on FaceBook! This is my journal – I feel like I am motivated to write better and more often than when I filled out blank pages of a hardback. It’s also fun to receive sweet comments from old friends! Hope you guys are doing well back in our favorite part of the country.

    Loves, Renae

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  5. I can see a repeat of history in those cute faces! Some of them remind me of children way too many years ago! Your family is so cute, and I love your posts! I miss you my dear friend!
    Love ya,

    • Oh, I love hearing from you! When Jim posts pictures of your babies AND grandbabies on FB, my heart hurts a little because I miss you and our times together so much. We hope to be out your way soon, and we MUST get together.

      Loves you, Friend, me

  6. That would be wonderful to see you two!

    I’m just gearing up for my busy time. I go into January, fighting and kicking, but once I start seeing our clients, I stop kicking. I’m just never ready for “no life” outside of the office.
    Loves you back!

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