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… true, unadulterated confession …



I apologize for posting rather infrequently during January.  I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, and decided it’s time to confess. 

 “Yes,” I whisper in a guilt-ridden voice, “I have another blog. It’s difficult leading this double life – keeping all the stories and information straight, spending quality time with both, feeling culpable when I leave one to hurry to the other. I didn’t plan to fall for another one; it just happened.” 

BUT, and herein lies the shock, Rebecca’s daughter is the “OTHER” blog. In the short time we’ve been together (April, 2009), I’ve spent MUCH more time here, poured more heart and soul into these hours than I ever have with the one whose been with me since the beginning. I think November’s NaBloPoMo further distracted me because I gave L2L nary a thought, let alone one word about what was happening. And then the holidays came. Rebecca’s daughter still received all the attention:  happy words of joy and cheer; pictures of fun and laughter filled our time together. 

Along came January.  I left the scene of celebration and gaiety and headed back to work where L2L was waiting and wondering where I had been. There was little recrimination, but there didn’t need to be. I knew I had been unfaithful and had some patching up AND catching up to do. A plan for reconciliation had already formed in my mind, and I started on the day all resolutions are born – January 1. 

Once again NaBloPoMo was the motivator. A message from their site announced that “BEST” was the word of the month, and I knew the second I saw that four-letter word that posting 31 entries in January on Link2Literacy, the blog I started in November 2007, would remedy my remorseful conscience. Furthermore, such dedication would also placate L2L’s friends who had to wonder what was going on. 

Now that Rebecca’s Daughter and L2L know about each other, I hope to be more conscious of the time I spend with each. I’ll try to be more equitable – AFTER I complete 16 more posts on L2L that is. In the meantime, friends of Rebecca’s Daughter, if you are interested in secondary literacy, feel free to drop by and visit my “other” self!

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3 thoughts on “… true, unadulterated confession …

  1. the frosting’s the best part!

    lovely blog–keep up your good work

  2. And you should have tasted that frosting!!! Oh so yummy! Thanks for dropping by and for the encouraging note!

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