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In case any of you are interested, I am keeping an online food diary. It’s on this site and located under “Once upon a time” pages vs. posts. The page title is “… once upon a diet dreary …”. I am doing this because 1.) I need to do SOMETHING 2.) I’m online A LOT because of job and hobby 3.) MAYBE it will hold me accountable – we’ll see.

If you are so inclined, you can do one or more of the following:

  • PRAY for ME
  • Wish me luck
  • Send me messages of encouragement

If you are so inclined, please DON’T do the following:

  • Scold me
  • Tell me I DON’T look THAT bad
  • Tell me I DO look that bad!

Thanks, Friends. me

P.S. I also make food comments, including memories made of food. Don’t expect this to be as entertaining as Ann Cannon’s blog: The Writer’s Corner (and also what I ate today).

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3 thoughts on “… iyc ~ if you care …

  1. Well, I can’t imagine you being any more adorable than you already are, but I know it means a lot to you, so I do wish you luck. I too would like to lose the flab around the middle, but I’m afraid I’m not as serious as I should be about it—-or as serious as my doctor tells me I should be. It’s all about portion control they tell me, so eat what you want, but just eat a little of it!! That’s what I’m trying! Hugs . . . .Dalene

  2. Thanks, Cutie, for such positive encouragement. I’m trying that portion control thing, but obviously, I’ve lost the whole concept of small, medium, large, and SUPER SIZE! I am concerned about this ongoing battle as much for health reasons as for “looks”. I could stop taking some of these medications if I could get my weight down. And while I may have a double chin, I don’t have as many wrinkles as some of my skinnier friends, right?

    Loves ya, Nae

    • Right! Who wants all those wrinkles? I’m happy with my chubby face – I must admit I feel round things are always cuter than long skinney things in general.

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