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… sunshine in my soul …

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March is a rather dreary month. The snow that hasn’t melted is petrified and soiled. Desperate as we are to see signs of spring, budding trees or plants have not peeked out enough to be seen by the naked eye. Winter storms, like relatives who have stayed WAY too long, keep returning just when we think they’ve finally exited. While St. Patrick’s Day with its springy green shamrock logo is a nice holiday, it reminds us  that we’re still stuck in the middle of March.

I decided I needed a little sunshine in my soul to brighten up the overcast mood that is trying to dampen my spirits. So, I looked through pictures I haven’t posted to find cheerful, happy, funny, silly, crazy photos in the hopes that a laugh here and a chuckle there will chase away the grumps, scowls, blues, or glums.  But all I could find were these sweet, adorable, precious, cute, darling pictures of my grandchildren. What did you expect?

Look at that cute smile! I hardly EVER see this cute face without it!

Enjoying an INDOOR Ferris Wheel!

She has the most kissable cheeks!!!

Snowy weather doesn't get these 2 down!

Rub a dub dub, 2 Squirts in a tub!

At history camp last summer - Don't tell Spencer the Rebs lost the war!

Waiting for GrammaNae!

Takes concentration to eat unconsentrated oranges - or are these tangerines?

Now, anytime I feel the blahs comin’ on, I’ll pull up this post and let the sunshine in. It just makes me so darn happy to look at these sweeties! I’ve pulled up this entry at least a dozen times since I posted it! 😀

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One thought on “… sunshine in my soul …

  1. How fun to be a grandma! I wanna join – where can I sign up?!

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