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grrrrrr … Utah’s biPOLAR spring … brrrrrr


May 24 ~ a day that will live in weather infamy;

May 25 ~ SPRINGS back again!

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wHaT a DiFfeReNCe a dAy MaKEs!

Author: rbs

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6 thoughts on “grrrrrr … Utah’s biPOLAR spring … brrrrrr

  1. Those pictures in the slideshow are grrrreat! I like the ones without the snow better… 🙂 I hope it won’t continue to snow in June! Gosh! Your yard is gorgeous, by the way!

  2. Oh, Miss Amy! Thanks for dropping by. I love your comments and compliments. You brighten my day! Have a great M-Day weekend! 😀

  3. Ha! Reminds me of Reno! I actually got in our pool all the way for the first time this afternoon. The kids were so excited. They kept thanking me later for swimming with them. Didn’t know it was so important to them!

    • Because they enjoy seeing their mom turn blue??? How long did you last in that c-c-c-old water? Or was it not-too-bad? Way to go, Good Sport!

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