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Okay, this is a first. I’ve upgraded my WordPress account so I can add videos I have taken. Now, a few disclaimers:

  1. I am a pathetic videographer – don’t worry about me leaving my day job for this field.
  2. There will be some herky-jerky motion, and so I suggest a dose of Dramamine before viewing the filmed clips.
  3. Turn down the volume to avoid hearing the twanging Gramma comments and ridiculous laughter.

On the up side, the subjects of the videos are adorable, AND the clips aren’t very long. Prepare to be UNDERwhelmed! 😀

  • Clip Number 1: Interview with Sunset Beachcomber, Miss Abigail.

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3 thoughts on “… at the beach …

  1. Riveting. . . . uh, I mean, those are really cute kids. Oh, wait, they’re mine so I guess I should think that anyway, but somehow this video has managed to dull them down a bit. Just kiddin–and thanks Abby for that announcement concerning Mom’s whereabouts.

    • Glad WP got that video up and running! Thanks to Abby for spicing it up, too. AND to Maegan for the little wiggle and the sand in the face. Coming up next ~ the seagull!

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