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… a saturday in september …


September is one of, if not, my favorite month of the year. And while I won’t go into the reasons here because I listed a few on my “other” blog, I do want to share some fun photos from yesterday’s trip to Big Cottonwood Canyon for a picnic with our Utah kids.

I love occasions like this one, but the down side is that I miss our California kids all the more, and I want them to know we feel their absence. Nevertheless, it was a great day in the mountains. Sunshine, trees, rocks, streams, hamburger, hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon, AND fine company! Loved EVERY second of the afternoon!

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Author: rbs

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3 thoughts on “… a saturday in september …

  1. I wanted to wiggle my toes in the stream, too, felt so much like I was there watching the slide show. It truly was a wonderful afternoon, and I have to say you look so young, and the gum just makes you look even younger. Why, you’re a mere child, honey! When you have your first? When you were 17? Or else share your beauty secrets next time!

  2. Alice, I shared my “beauty” secrets with you on the last post! Any you, my dear, are GORGEOUS! I would NEVER look so good without hair as you did! How’s it coming in? Long, blonde and sexy????

    And I was 24 when I had my first. He’s now 38 – but who’s counting???

  3. I’m certainly not counting! I really enjoyed the walk in the mountains. How I love Utah and Idaho mountains—there is nothing like fall there. The pictures were wonderful – even Connor’s! Love you guys and miss you lots.

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