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… 50-word fiction ~ EVERYday for 31 days …


Note: Because I have absolutely NO challenges in my life, and because I have little to do, I decided to bring on some craziness as I am SO sane and all. To jazz up my days, my writing, and my attempt to stave off Alzheimers, I registered with NaBloPoMo AGAIN. How could I not? The theme is FICTION!

To place time constraints on this project, I decided to play around with 50-word Fiction/Stories. I may scrimp on the word-count, but hopefully not on creativity. Let me know what you think. About the stories; NOT my mental condition. 

Bug-out Bag

Why didn’t I take Family Home Evenings seriously? Especially nights when Mom

72-Hour Kit ~ aka Bug-Out or Blow-Out Bags

produced giant garbage bags and begged us to organize 72-hour kits.


I thought Mormons did this for “fun.”  And to prepare for IMPROBABLE catastrophes.


I didn’t know about the Zombie Apocalypse. Why didn’t Mom mention that?

SOME things never change. Mom still can't drive a van.

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2 thoughts on “… 50-word fiction ~ EVERYday for 31 days …

  1. Hello there, following over from the NaBloPoMo blogroll.

    You won me over by starting the month off with zombie apocalypse flash. Although I’m curious about what is in those 72-hour kits, it could make the difference between life and zombie-ism for me in my brood.

    Good luck this month.

    • Hi and Welcome! So happy you dropped by! Not many folks who find me comment, and so I truly appreciate you! I actually researched those zombie “grab and go” bags and found that the basic stuff – food, water, flashlight, etc. – is the same as any emergency kit. Where “Zombie-survivalists” differ is in what weaponry to include. Some maintain that you should carry tools that can work as defense weapons – crow bars can pry open doors and windows to get into hiding places or to “borrow” supplies, AND it can bash in a Zombie’s head. Same with an ax – chop wood AND decapitate. Other “survivalists” claim that is NOT enough. One must tote an automatic weapon that has the power for near mass destruction – you know, in case you are surrounded, you can just let ‘er rip. But you also have to consider all that ammo you’d need to carry. My advice: include whatever works for you and your moral conscience. =)

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