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… 50-word FlashFiction: Shirley and Cindy …


The two giggled as they struggled to slip pajamas onto uncooperative 18-inch dolls.  Joy reigned until both grabbed for the flannel mini-robe.

“It’s mine!”

“No! Gramma gave it to me.”


“They usually play well together.” The care-giver observed.

“Sisters?” asked her new assistant.

“Mother and daughter. Eighty-eight and sixty-nine.”

Author: rbs

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8 thoughts on “… 50-word FlashFiction: Shirley and Cindy …

  1. Oh my touching!!! I love this one! I could maybe shed a tear right now! Very beautiful! You’re so great… 50 words is hard! You’re amazing!!!

  2. WoW! Miss Amy! Thanks for TWO comments! One here and one on chat. You are VERY sweet. This one almost made me cry, too! Hugs.

  3. I love what you can do with 50 words, yeesh. Talk about efficiency. Can’t wait to read tomorrows entry.

    • Oooooh, Penny. The pressure is on now. Hope I can deliver. I love this exercise because it forces the writer to weigh EVERY word and omit unnecessary adjectives and adverbs that should be use sparingly in any event. Thanks again for your encouragement!

  4. This one is my favorite! Really wonderful, you have a real knack for these!

    Now that I’ve read a few of your posts and loved each one, I’m going to have to go through and take a look at more of your older stuff. :O)

    • I set up this blog over 2 years ago and it has gone a few different directions. I created another blog dedicated to writing only, but it was too hard for me to keep up with this one, my work blogs, etc. Hence, the mulligan stew that tries to satisfy my various appetites!

      Btw, seeing that you commented on several posts made my day. =) rbs

  5. Reading backwards, I wasn’t sure I knew enough to comment, but I must say there’s something about this one that lingers… kudos!

    • This is my favorite and seems to strike a chord with others as well. Readers have to make a lot of inferences when reading flash fiction, especially 50-word creations. I have to admit that some only make sense to me. Sometimes the “tags” help put the pieces together, too. At any rate, it’s a good exercise in tightening writing – if that’s a goal.

      So happy to see/hear from you again. Take care.

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