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… 50-word fast-fiction: Morning Glory …

Note: Penny, over at WIDELY UNREAD, introduced an interesting writing exercise from 3 A.M. EPIPHANY that challenges writers to create a scene using imperative commands. Penny’s example is 500 words as suggested by author Brian Kitely. I decided to accept this challenge today using the 50-word limit! Let’s see how this works. 

Morning Glory

Meet Chelsea at the parlor on Main. Watch Raul open new needles and check latex gloves for pinholes.

Don’t be brave; let Chelsea go first.

Breathe; the stings WILL stop.

Admire Raul’s handiwork, hidden so Mom won’t see.

Dream that night of spreading vines.

Awaken to a nightmare come true.




… 50-word FlashFiction: Shirley and Cindy …

The two giggled as they struggled to slip pajamas onto uncooperative 18-inch dolls.  Joy reigned until both grabbed for the flannel mini-robe.

“It’s mine!”

“No! Gramma gave it to me.”


“They usually play well together.” The care-giver observed.

“Sisters?” asked her new assistant.

“Mother and daughter. Eighty-eight and sixty-nine.”

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… the joke may be on me, but I’ll show off my goofy little plant anyway …

Yesterday I wrote about an exotic plant from India AND I even posted a picture of it. When I first saw the photo of that Pingo-ballo agave bush, I thought, “NO WAY!” I tried to enlarge the picture so I could see if it were for real but could only increase the dimensions a bit. And then Alice’s friend, with tongue-in-cheek, commented and shared the funny name of the plant – her own creation. I swallowed it hook, line, and sinker! I recognized the ping-pong reference but thought it was a name that reflected the shape of the perfectly round blossoms! DuH!

Last night I also promised to show off my own unusual plant – a REAL one – to compete with the faux bush. So here it is.

The Goofus Helio Coptus

Our neighbor gave it to us about 3 Christmases ago. It looked like a baby Christmas tree then, complete with sparkles on the tiny branches. Well, its transformed into a whirly-bird and appears ready for take-off. I still think it’s a creation out of a Dr. Seuss book,  and if you do not, take another peek! Isn’t that HORTON tucked in there?

Horton, where is the egg? or the Who?