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… 50-word historical fiction: 1912


The ocean-liner featured a first-class, saltwater swimming pool, heated via nearby boilers.

Knowing women may not be welcome to dive in, she purchased the latest swimming costume anyway.

But April 14th came all too soon. Sadly, only men, poor women and children took the saltwater plunge.

None wore swimming suits.

Author: rbs

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5 thoughts on “… 50-word historical fiction: 1912

  1. Loving the 50-word fiction, Renae!!! You’re so talented!

  2. And YOU are so kind. Happy you’re enjoying them. They are very fun to write AND quick reads! =)

  3. I was waiting for a Titanic one!! So sad!!!

    • It was SO sad. Hope this doesn’t sound insensitive. Even though I think there was some insensitivity from the first class folks. I guess that’s what I was going for.

      AND forgive me for failing to wish you HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Sunday! =)

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