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… 50-word RoMaNTiC fiction: Impossible Dreams


She contemplated her sisters as they gazed at odd couples attending the party – Ron and Hermoine;  Bella and Edward; Piggy and Kermit.

“It was happenstance that they met,” said Coincidence.

“You know what transpired after that was destiny,” said Fate.

“And it’s phenomenal we’re even having this discussion,” said Miracle. 

Author: rbs

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2 thoughts on “… 50-word RoMaNTiC fiction: Impossible Dreams

  1. Love it love it love it!!!!!!!! So creative! Seriously, I LOVE these! Lurve even. La-huv.

  2. SO happy you are enjoying these. They are VERY fun to write, too. I made a little revision or two with this story. I decided that Coincidence, Fate, and Miracle had to be sisters as I recently heard a Saxon mythological reference that links the 3 to fate.

    I also learned about the Three Sisters of the gardening world when I visited Heritage Park a couple of weeks ago. Squash, Corn, and Beans are their names and growing them closely together furnishes good food without depleting soil’s nutrients. They have NOTHING to do with romance, however, but I might come up with a fun story starring those three! =)

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