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… 50-word NON-fiction: BETTER Than Fiction


He attended clown college, and she won All-American honors in gymnastics.

He twisted skinny balloons into flowers and giraffes.

She traded the uneven bars for a wheelchair – after the accident.

They met then married. Never easy, they make it work.

Two people who help each other laugh – even after 20-plus years.

Author: rbs

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5 thoughts on “… 50-word NON-fiction: BETTER Than Fiction

  1. Hello,
    I could not tell from this post if you are Diane, or are writing about her. I am her former 3rd grade student from Rolling Meadows Elementary. It has need 20+ years, but I still rely on principles she taught me. I want to say hello, and thank you, if it is you!

    • Hi Cassandra. I am not Diane, but she is my darling neighbor, and I will pass on your sweet hello. I love and admire her SO much as I can tell you, too. Renae

  2. Thank you Renae! I am Cassie McManama to her. I know she has had lots of students, so may not remember me, but that is okay! Thank you Diane, you are lovely and wonderful, and helped shape who I became!

  3. Renae, I am also a former student of Diane’s in the 3rd grade. I stayed in touch with her until I moved with my family from behind Rolling Meadows Ele. in 2009. She was very influential in my life and even came to baby showers for my children. She was always one of my favorite people and I am trying like mad to find a way to get a hold of her. I am sending emails to anybody I think may be able to help. If you are in contact with her or have a way to will you please please forward my info to her?

  4. So THIS is where you’ve gotten off to! I thought you’d been so busy you didn’t have time to write anymore. Glad to see you still here and writing better than ever! I know these short-shorts are very difficult to write. You make it seem so easy!

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