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… fantasy in 50 words: The Big Bubble Theory …


How many are created?

Don’t know.

Some collapse or burst upon creation. Only a fraction survive to contain and sustain life.

Who's in there?????

Wise Ones claim another world collided with ours – merging rather than destroying. A miracle, they say.

Still we hesitate to explore this conjoined sphere where sprites or pixies may hide.

Author: rbs

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3 thoughts on “… fantasy in 50 words: The Big Bubble Theory …

  1. I don’t know if I’ve ever been the first to comment upon my own post, but I just want to say I am surprised at the “hits” this little story has received. I don’t feel it’s one of my better efforts but it is getting better as I have revised it several times AFTER pushing the “Publish” button!

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  3. Awesome pictures! Is there something wrong with your time/date stamp? My view of bubble pix shows it was written on Aug 21. Yet it came yesterday. Could that be the problem?

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