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… dreams – crazy works of fiction that entertain me all night long …


A dream is a work of art which requires of the dreamer no particular talent, special training, or technical competence. Dreaming is a creative enterprise in which all may and most do participate. – Clark S. Hall

No 50-w0rd-fiction tonight. Too tired to think right now. So I’m going to ramble a bit before hitting the hay.

I’m looking forward to beddy-bye time and another seven or eight hours of sleeping and dreaming. Even the weird dreams make me laugh – not at the time I’m wading through images like toothless wolf puppies who try to gnaw me to death OR teeth that tumble out of my mouth while I’m trying to teach a class OR showing up to school in pajamas or a robe that I can’t change out of OR teaching students that are totally out of control OR being stalked by an old boyfriend and I can’t find G.E.

I dream in genres, too. For example, I’ll experience end-of-the world dystopian dreams, a lot of sit-com dreams, a few scary dreams and occasional historical dreams. Most nights, though, I have drama dreams with amazing twists and turns that totally make sense in dreamland but turn bizarr-o once I wake up.
Of course, I’m leaving out those really entertaining details that make these episodes so unique.  But I’ll tell you about some of the interesting “stars” who make guest appearances – like David Letterman who drops by on occasion and Tom Selleck who comes around once in a while. When I dream about these guys, I’m close to my real-world age, but I’m a kid in many dreams, and when that happens, old friends from elementary, junior high, and high school join me. We have a great time!
My favorite dreams, however, feature loved ones who fly in from Heaven to remind me that they are still thinking of me so I will keep thinking of them. I always appreciate Daddy’s visits as well as seeing G.E.’s mom and dad and my grandparents. Most of the time, these dreams are very comforting, but sometimes I wake up extra lonely for them.
Wow. This post took a turn I didn’t foresee. There are only a few more days of August, and so I’ll wrap up this month of daily posting with a few more “mini-stories.” In the meantime …

Sweet Dreams!

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3 thoughts on “… dreams – crazy works of fiction that entertain me all night long …

  1. Wow, girl! You’re really on a roll! Dreams. A very interesting subject. I have, and I guess we all do, have weird dreams, too. The strangest celebrities to appear in my dreams have been–so far–John Boy Walton (Richard Thomas, remember him?) from The Waltons, and Jerry Seinfeld–both several years younger than me. What could they be revealing about me!? I think you’ve found a very good reason for everyday writing efforts–sometimes writing off the cuff because you hafta and instead of wanta, makes for very interesting posts! Go!

    • I do remember Richard Thomas, and I often dream of men younger than me and wonder the same thing about myself! “What does THAT reveal?” But better such shenanigans stay in dreamland, right?

      I thought about posting last night’s dream in a stream-of-conscious format as it was typically wack-o and very fun. Being a teetotaler, I was shocked to dream about secretly drinking Margaritas! I guess I heard Jimmy Buffet singing somewhere as bedtime neared.

      Thanks for your fun insights, my friend. R.

  2. I loved reading this–especially the last part about visit from Loved Ones. Thanks, RBS.

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