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NaNoWriMo Update


As you can see by the new widget in my sidebar, I have accepted the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge. I know I am crazy, but I ALSO know this is the ONLY way I will EVER complete a novel.

Craziest photo I could find of me - t'was taken LAST November in Bahston

I’ve tried the SANE way – writing every day… worked for a minute; writing a certain amount of words daily … ditto; writing at the same time each day … no luck; write with a buddy … buddy bailed; tried a “MiniWriMo” … same sad story; started and stopped writing a mash-up novel by sort of plagiarizing Thomas Hardy. Sigh.

So here goes.

I told G.E. about my goal and he didn’t even say, “What? Are you NUTS? Aren’t you busy enough? You’re already glued to the computer.” Etc.

I shared my writing idea with him AND read the first 1000 words to him. He was “almost” enthusiastic. Hey! That’s good for the man, okay? He even fell asleep last night without growling – and I mean literally growling – at me to turn off the light. (The growl is really cute and always makes me smile.) Anyway, I typed for about an hour! And then read “until I learned something.”

I plan to leave “mini-posts” to document my progress along the way, but not until after I post my “Autumn Album” tomorrow – LOTS of cute pix of my grandkidlets between September and November.

In the meantime AND if your curious, I’ve written – drum roll, please –

4161 words!

and yes, I’m behind.

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5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update

  1. I tried this one year but got so behind it didn’t work. November is such a busy month with the holiday. However, a blogging buddy of mine did and finished a novel. She discovered, as you will, that the REAL work comes afterward, but a “finished” (i.e., unedited) novel is a great way to get out that first draft and get down the REAL work. Good luck!

  2. Because our children are spending Thanksgiving at their in-laws, I am not hosting the big dinner. In fact, I’m kind of hoping we have the quietest time and the smallest feast ever. G.E. can watch football and I’ll write!

    You’re so right about the “real work” lying in revision, and that is one of my roadblocks. I’ve always revised AS I compose and then get really bogged down. So I’m gritting my teeth and ignoring plot holes and other problems with the goal of finishing a pathetic but complete draft!

    And keep the good luck wishes coming. Thanks, Friend!

  3. I came back to check on you because I thought I wasn’t getting new posts in my google reader. I see you didn’t come back here yet. So how did it go? Did you finish your book? I see today is your last day.

    Now I’ve always the same problem you mentioned, the editor in me can’t turn herself off (!) when I’m writing. So it seems to me that not having time to do anything but put the words on paper (or cyberspace if you will) would result in a great beginning. I’m looking forward to seeing the results–a sample at least, maybe, pretty please? But only when/if you’re ready. Now that it’s over (NaNoWriMo) you can breathe a little–but only a little. Now it’s time to get ready for Christmas! 🙂

  4. Oh, what a CRAZY month. I haven’t posted for so many reasons, and only one is because I’ve been trying to “NaNo.” The more important reason is because my sweet Mom’s health has been deteriorating. Darn it. But I did get about 20,000 words written – a far cry from the goal, but further than I’ve ever gone before.

    So good to hear from you. Renae

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