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NaNoWriMo Update

As you can see by the new widget in my sidebar, I have accepted the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge. I know I am crazy, but I ALSO know this is the ONLY way I will EVER complete a novel.

Craziest photo I could find of me - t'was taken LAST November in Bahston

I’ve tried the SANE way – writing every day… worked for a minute; writing a certain amount of words daily … ditto; writing at the same time each day … no luck; write with a buddy … buddy bailed; tried a “MiniWriMo” … same sad story; started and stopped writing a mash-up novel by sort of plagiarizing Thomas Hardy. Sigh.

So here goes.

I told G.E. about my goal and he didn’t even say, “What? Are you NUTS? Aren’t you busy enough? You’re already glued to the computer.” Etc.

I shared my writing idea with him AND read the first 1000 words to him. He was “almost” enthusiastic. Hey! That’s good for the man, okay? He even fell asleep last night without growling – and I mean literally growling – at me to turn off the light. (The growl is really cute and always makes me smile.) Anyway, I typed for about an hour! And then read “until I learned something.”

I plan to leave “mini-posts” to document my progress along the way, but not until after I post my “Autumn Album” tomorrow – LOTS of cute pix of my grandkidlets between September and November.

In the meantime AND if your curious, I’ve written – drum roll, please –

4161 words!

and yes, I’m behind.


… connor’s candids, or what happens when a 3-yr. old uses gramma’s phone-camera …

In GrammaNae’s defense, this is how it went down. Connor’s mommy never forgets to include snacks regardless of the situation. His daddy, on the other hand, doesn’t usually think of those things, and so he forgot to pack snacks for Connor to eat at his softball game. GrammaNae didn’t bring anything edible EITHER! To top of this tragedy, the snack bar was C.L.O.S.E.D.
Just a few minutes into the 2nd inning (Gramma was surprised he lasted that long), Connor’s meltdown erupted.
“I WANNA GO HOME AND EAT SOMETHING!” he wailed and repeated many times over. Gramma didn’t mean to lie to her grandson as she had every intention of taking him back to her house or to a McDonald’s – whatever came first. But when she told him she’d take him home, he settled right down; and a wonderful lady seated nearby offered to send her son on a food run. Whew. Day saved.
Then came the SECOND game of the DOUBLE-header. French fries had quelled the starving beast within, but now boredom set in. No crying, just whining. And then Connor spotted Gramma’s phone, and asked to play with it.
“Of course,” Gramma, who can never say no to any one of her 10 grandchildren, answered. Nothing good has ever come of letting a grandchild play with her cell phone, but she AND Connor were DESPERATE!
For the next 45 minutes, Connor snapped more than ONE photo PER MINUTE!This meant that he was able to unlock the screen, locate the camera, and start shooting!
Don’t ask. Gramma has no idea; some theories, but nothing concrete.
A couple of days later, she decided she better delete the 50+ photos from my phone to free up some memory. But then she saw Connor’s work! Yes, there were a few pix of paper cups, grass, and cement, but there were also lots of fun shots – random but fun.

(Well, not ALL of them. Gramma left out the paper cups, grass, and cement. And a few unflattering shots of Gramma.)

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