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Results of the Second Writing Contest I’ve EVER Entered


I even wished upon a falling star but still wasn’t numbered among five winners of a writing contest I entered.  But unlike my first competition in junior high, the news didn’t make feel like a total loser.

Failure to win the “My Mother is the World’s Best” in-50-to-100-words-or-less contest back in the day convinced me I was a poor writer and a pathetic daughter. This time around, however, I not only learned from preparing my entry, I also benefited from reading  the winning efforts.

I’ll do better next time.

And I still think I have the world’s best mother!

I still remember the story behind the story of this essay, but I just couldn't tell it in 97 words!

Hmmm. I think I thought bringing God into the content would increase my chances even though I could only eek out 85 words.

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2 thoughts on “Results of the Second Writing Contest I’ve EVER Entered

  1. Great Essays! You sound much older than 12. You should have won a penmanship award! Beautiful handwriting!

  2. You are so cute to comment. Wow, we opened an interesting conversation in Sunday School, didn’t we? 😉

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