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Helicopter Children


You may be familiar with the term “helicopter parents” – those “who pay extremely close attention to [their] child’s … experiences and problems … whether they need them or not.”  But do you know about helicopter children?

In mid-October, Mom woke up with a back ache that changed her life.  An MRI revealed a compressed fracture, bulging discs, and worsening arthritis. Now robbed her of independence, she watched my sister and me morph into hovering daughters. Never far away, we swoop in to make sure she eats, takes her medication, and fights through chronic pain.

Mom is patient with our hovering, and we are soooooooooooooooo grateful for her!

Cute Mom and her two HELI-DAUGHTERS!


Author: rbs

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3 thoughts on “Helicopter Children

  1. How did advertisements become part of my blog???? Hm?

  2. Sorry about your mom’s problems. I hope the prognosis is good. Thinking of which is worse–too much or too little attention–I’d chose the latter. Crossing my fingers for improvement for all of you! The only medicine I can think of is “keep on the funny side of life.” 🙂

    • Hi Alice.

      I so wish we could back off, but her memory isn’t what it used to be, and she can’t remember when or if she’s taken her medications. We’ve had some scary moments because of that. Our goal is to keep her in her home, and that means hovering close to make sure she is okay.

      On the happy side, we keep her laughing and she keeps us in stitches. That means a lot to all of us! With her permission, I hope to share some of the lighter moments of this adventure as there are many.

      Take care. R.

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