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My UNsuccessful Experiences with the “Project WRITEway” Contest

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Check it out! That's ME holding a copy of my future novel! The antennae help me channel my muse! 😉

In January some great Utah authors who host a blog – “Throwing Up Words” created a contest for wannabe writers like me. Inspired by “Project RUNway,” the rules for “Project WRITEway” are similar.

The first week everyone submitted the prescribed entries: A 150-word “first-page” of an original novel contestants were writing or wanted to write. Participants and other blog-readers voted for their top 6. Based upon popular vote AND judges’ evaluations, the 60+ entries were whittled down to 14. The “also-rans” were encouraged to continue writing and submitting their work from the “play-at-home” (PAH) venue.

Weekly challenges are open to both groups, and finalists who are eliminated from that group move in with the PAH peeps. Our group is swelling while the other is diminishing, but we folks still qualify for weekly drawings. AND there will also be one “play-at-homer” who wins a “big prize” – which I think is a writing critique from a literary agent. (I’m not really sure, and because that honor will likely go to the last finalist booted to our corner, I don’t think I’m in the running.)

BUT THAT IS OKAY because I AM HAVING FUN! Seriously! AND this is great practice.

Sooooooooo, with that LONG introduction, I want you to know I am posting my LOSING entries for the heck of it. And because these babies are already written, they will be quick posts!

Stay tuned! (Bet you’re holding your breath in great anticipation!)

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One thought on “My UNsuccessful Experiences with the “Project WRITEway” Contest

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