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2013: Only One Resolution – but it’s a dang hard one


Like so many, I offer up the same clichéd resolutions: lose weight, exercise more, spend less, etc. But these are NOT really NEW YEAR resolutions; they are UNending goals from years past and present.

I’ll continue the march towards good health and a balanced budget, but those are NOT 2013’s goals. Instead, I’ve pondered upon what resolve I should most pursue and zeroed in on “softening my judgments.” I’m realistic enough to know eliminating all judgments is beyond me, but I think with enough focus and fortitude, I can make course corrections.

This means I need to ward off gut reactions – they’re so often wrong –  to listen more, and to talk less.

Told you it’d be dang hard.

"Love One Another"

“Love One Another”

"Squash" Unkindness

“Squash” Unkindness

I know they are a stretch, but I’ve waited so long for a correlating topic to post these pix I snapped in 2010!

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8 thoughts on “2013: Only One Resolution – but it’s a dang hard one

  1. Love this!

  2. What a beautiful resolution! It is one I am working on as well, but not brave enough to announce it to the public!

  3. Hello friend,
    Interesting that I have one of the same resolution. Only difference is that I have a list that is a whole page long. You have mastered so many things. I miss you. I miss your bright and shining example. I believe that you will do great with this. Your awesome. I love you!

    • Sweet Jeanine, I have mastered NOTHING! Just decided some things are more important to pursue than others. I miss you, too. But I find your current life and location most interesting. What an adventure! Much hugs, rbs

  4. Yup, that’s a meaningful goal that we should all pursue; would solve a lot of world problems maybe. Neat photos! I like how your mind works. 😆

    • Alice, you are always so kind to comment AND to reply to my comments on your posts. I try to follow your example. =) Glad you like the pix. I think they are so cute and I love “veggie tales”.

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