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… maybe I’m a purse-a-holic …


Latest ADDITION to my purse ADDICTION.

My name is Renae, and I’m a purse-a-holic.

(Hello, Renae.)

It started last year, and has gotten progressively worse! All the symptoms are there: gravitational pull towards any boutique, aisle, or website that displays even one sac, pocketbook, bag, satchel, or purse. I look longingly at it; walk away or surf away, and then come back.

I talk to myself, saying things like, “Just one more. I’ll stop after this teal one. A lavender one won’t hurt this once. Everybody needs a little green one once in a while. No one needs to know; no one will notice.” And so it goes until I succumb.

I don’t even care if it’s cheap stuff. I’m as happy with a knock-off brand as I am with a little bit of Vera Wang.
I realized I was in trouble when my hidden stash started crowding out my other addiction – shoes.

My sponsor, CJG, actually started me on this road, but she could stop after one. Little did she know the monster she unleashed because of PURSE-ENVY!

P.S. I created this ENTIRE post, including the picture via my little Android (phone, that is!)