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… let them eat cake, I’ll eat the frosting …

Note to Friendly Followers: Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT, read this post IF you have already perused “… true, unadulterated confessions … . “ In an attempt to write “less NOT more” – as in FEWER words, not posts –  I divided the former entry in half. Plus, I REALLY wanted to use the above title that rips off the rude statement Mare Antoinette NEVER made.  If you have NOT read the “unadulterated confession,” I suggest that you do, BUT it’s not necessary. This post is NOT that tightly connected to it, however, Ann Cannon’s comment actually applied to THIS confession more than THAT confession. Are you confused. Sorry!


After 11 days of working on my inadvertant resolutions, I’m not doing too badly. But since I’m in the confession mode, I thought I’d report in.

The SORTA Good News:

  • I’ve been on time for work 7 of 10 days, BUT I still climbed the stairs EVERY work day, which means I am still inadvertently moving my body more than I was in ’09 because I have NOT taken the elevator UP or DOWN even ONCE! (YaY for Renae.)
  • I did NOT eat in my car for 5 of 14 days. That’s not really very good, but before making too harsh a judgment, I want to point out that I’ve only eaten apples or yogurt, AND that’s because I’m trying to be on time for work, and SO I’ve had to eat breakfast on my way. BUT I was still late on 3 occasions. NOT eating in my car has kept the Cruiser a LITTLE cleaner. There are no crumbs or popcorn or wrappers strewn all over the place, BUT empty Diet Coke cans and junk from my purse/garbage bag still litter the front seats. Gotta work on this. BUT I have LOST 5.5 pounds, so perhaps NOT eating MUCH in the car has helped me with the second inadvertant resolution to lose weight. What do you think?

The REALLY Good News ~

  • G.E. and I have joined a gym and are working out 3 times a week, which equals 6 times thus far except we have to subtract last Wednesday when G.E. suffered from food poisoning or stomach flu, and I had a “business” dinner at Iggy’s Sports Grill. So we’ve sweat off calories and upped our heart rates on tread mills 5 times. What is surprising is how much G.E. is getting into this. I had to talk for over a month to convince him to join in this pursuit, and now he’s all Mr. Gym Dog (or is it “gym rat?”), with new workout duds and everything!
  • I’m TRYING VERY VERY HARD to eat sensibly. I’ve sort of VOWED not to DIET again. I’m SO SO SICK of couting calories, points, fat grams, fiber content, etc. Instead, I’m attempting to live the CJG lifestyle.. CJG is my friend who happens to also be my boss. She is tall and slender and young enough to be my daughter. She firmly believes that individuals can lose weight if they  do 5 basic things:
    • Eat good, nutritious food that you like, but practice PORTION CONTROL  – UNsuper-size food, and she means REALLY UNsuper-size it. So I eat on salad plates, and the food is NOT piled high.
    • Do AWAY with soda and drink lots of water. Well, I’ve CUT DOWN my Diet Coke to 2 or 3 a day vs. 6 or 7. Next month, I’ll try to decrease my consumption even further.
    • Exercise. (I’ve already told you about climbing stairs and walking on treadmills.)
    • SLEEP 7-8 hours a night. This is a tuffy. I get a second wind at 10 – just in time for the news and then Letterman. It’s really hard for me to go to bed much before 11:30, but because I want to be on time for work, I HAVE to get up between 5:30 and 6:00 A.M. YUCK!!! That means I’m lucky to get 6 hours of sleep, but it’s usually less than that because I have to take off my make up, change into my jammies, and other night-time routines.
    • Eat breakfast. I’ve been doing that EVERY day for 16 days! BUT sometimes I eat it in the car.

    CJG expressing shock b/c I'm on time!

Okay, this is nothing new, but maybe because it’s my boss who shared this with me, I feel obligated to give it more than a whirl. Or maybe it’s that  sick of dieting thing, or maybe it’s because I’M RUNNING OUT OF TIME, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE that’s pushing me! I am going on 62 years! I don’t know how much more time I have to BE skinny or slender or less fat. I have got to get with it, and so I’m really, really trying! And, like I said,  I’m doing pretty good – except for that big slice of chocolate cake my daughter-in-law sent home with us. I DIDN’T eat the cake, however. I JUST ATE THE FROSTING!