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… more Boston TOPS … or “The Stay-Puff MarshMellow Woman Invades BeanTown”

Before I forget what these photos are of, I decided I better post the pix of my adventures in one of my now favorite cities in the world. Be prepared: some of the pictures that include me in them are NOT pretty. I now own a plethora of “BEFORE” photographs in preparation for my next weight-loss attempt. So sit back, peruse, enjoy, and chuckle – I hope!

HARVARD YARD. Turn the volume WAY up if you want to hear the narration. Close your eyes if you don’t want to get dizzy! I learned that the Widener Library was built and dedicated in memory of a Titanic victim. I remember learning about him during my Titanic-mania days.

I couldn’t leave Cambridge without purchasing a Harvard hoodie at Coops, home of EVERYTHING Harvard. You will see me wearing that sweatshirt in nearly EVERY picture. Why? Because I wanted to look smart AND because it was the perfect weight for the weather. You’ll notice that my shiney face rarely ceases to gleam because I was plenty warm – as I usually am. Sigh. BUT more than one person asked me if I was in town for the Harvard-Yale football game, which Harvard won by the way.

THE FOOD TOUR: Yes, Boston is famous for its food, and we tried to hit EVERY restaurant recommended to us, including: Legals, Dugin Park, Mike’s Pastry and Regina’s Pizza. We also discovered two off-tour places that deserve a blurb – a quaint Italian cafe on Newbury Street where my friend and colleague Carolyn and I shared bruschetta AND a pear and prosciutto salad. Superb.

We also stumbled across a MARKET in Cambridge that served a HUGE variety of dishes from around the world. We dished up and dined right along with a bushy-bearded student and some other fine scholars. No picture though. Sorry.

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Don’t EVEN think the show is over. There is one last tour: The Freedom Trail and Other Foot-paths. So stay tuned. You might also want to check the other Boston-related posts as I have updated them with my own photos. 🙂 Stay tuned.