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… more Boston TOPS … or “The Stay-Puff MarshMellow Woman Invades BeanTown”

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Before I forget what these photos are of, I decided I better post the pix of my adventures in one of my now favorite cities in the world. Be prepared: some of the pictures that include me in them are NOT pretty. I now own a plethora of “BEFORE” photographs in preparation for my next weight-loss attempt. So sit back, peruse, enjoy, and chuckle – I hope!

HARVARD YARD. Turn the volume WAY up if you want to hear the narration. Close your eyes if you don’t want to get dizzy! I learned that the Widener Library was built and dedicated in memory of a Titanic victim. I remember learning about him during my Titanic-mania days.

I couldn’t leave Cambridge without purchasing a Harvard hoodie at Coops, home of EVERYTHING Harvard. You will see me wearing that sweatshirt in nearly EVERY picture. Why? Because I wanted to look smart AND because it was the perfect weight for the weather. You’ll notice that my shiney face rarely ceases to gleam because I was plenty warm – as I usually am. Sigh. BUT more than one person asked me if I was in town for the Harvard-Yale football game, which Harvard won by the way.

THE FOOD TOUR: Yes, Boston is famous for its food, and we tried to hit EVERY restaurant recommended to us, including: Legals, Dugin Park, Mike’s Pastry and Regina’s Pizza. We also discovered two off-tour places that deserve a blurb – a quaint Italian cafe on Newbury Street where my friend and colleague Carolyn and I shared bruschetta AND a pear and prosciutto salad. Superb.

We also stumbled across a MARKET in Cambridge that served a HUGE variety of dishes from around the world. We dished up and dined right along with a bushy-bearded student and some other fine scholars. No picture though. Sorry.

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Don’t EVEN think the show is over. There is one last tour: The Freedom Trail and Other Foot-paths. So stay tuned. You might also want to check the other Boston-related posts as I have updated them with my own photos. 🙂 Stay tuned.




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One thought on “… more Boston TOPS … or “The Stay-Puff MarshMellow Woman Invades BeanTown”

  1. Had I been there in the restaurant with you, I might have tricked Carolyn into letting me have that cream-stuff lobster. I’m slightly jealous of all that good food, especially since all I’ve been eating the past two days have been leftovers!!!! Btw, love those glass frames, very stylish indeed.

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