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… the tahp 10 things I sar in Bahstun …


So I see this t-shirt and it sez “The Tahp 10 Things to look foha in Bahstun,” and I’m thinkin’ I gotta make a list of the things I sar, too. So heah it is, and when ya read it, ya gotta use the accent, see?

10. Ridin’ the t-line that takes youse to everywheah.

Lerchin' fahwahd on the "T".

9. Checkin’ out Fenway Pahk in the dahk.

8. Eatin’ baked beans, cahn beef and cabbage at Duhgin Pahk.

7. Shoppin’ bahgins at Quincy Mahcut.

6. Findin’ Louiser May Alcott’s hawse at 20 Pickney.

5.  Chowin’ dahn on cream-stuffed “lobstahs” at Mike’s Pastry on Hanovah Street.

4. Lovin’ Reginer’s Pizzer neah Bahstun Hahbah.

3. Hangin’ out at Hahvid Yahd in the dahk.

2.  Visitin’ Pahl Reveah’s hawse and gahden; and seein’ his silvah at the Museum of Fine Ahts.

"Wintah in Bahstun Commons" - a famous paintin' in the Museum of Fine Ahts

1. Gawin’ to church at the Old Nawth Church in the Nawth End.

Sharon and Keri with me in the Pew Cozy in the   Old Nahth Church

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3 thoughts on “… the tahp 10 things I sar in Bahstun …

  1. When I went we were in a cab, and the cabbie turned around and said “where are yous from? you tahwk so funny.” I didn’t think my Utah accent was that strange. Sounds like a great trip.

  2. Sounds just supa! Too bahd you couldn’t have seen more in the daytime! But I know how that is with conferences. I sar most of those things, but I didn’t get to chuch at the old nawth chuch. I ordahed a lobster for dinner and they brawght it out on a plate with nothin else on the plate! It was good, but a lot of wahk to eat!

  3. What a great post!!! I’m so jealous and hope you’ll post more details of your trip so I can live vicariously through you!!! Glad you’re home safe and sound. 🙂 That lobstah roll looks DElish!

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