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… summer fun: kidfest #2 of 3 or 4 …

As summer winds down, I want to post more fun time photos of the good times I enjoyed with my grandchildren. The first kidfest was in San Jose, CA. But these next 2 or 3 feature my Wasatch Front kidlets.

In a seven-day period in the latter part of July, I visited two petting zoos – well, the one at Thanksgiving Point was more of a Pet Peeking Zoo. While a few goats romped free on the square, ┬álittle visitors could pet MOST of the domestic animals through the wire fence.

The petting zoo at This is the Place Heritage Park, on the other hand, was an up-close-and-personal experience as you will see in this slide show of Misses Mia and Evie.

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It was a GREAT day.

Stay tuned for the Thanksgiving Point Pet Adventure!