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… SanJoseSpringFling ~ the 3rd day …

The Famous Cannery Row! And Lisa's curly hair.

Saturday, April 17th was the day Brayden, Drew, and Abby had been waiting for. Of all the fun activities we experienced during my visit, this trip to the aquarium in Monterey topped their list of adventures. (Maegan is good for ANY exploit!) The kids didn’t even mind waiting until Saturday because that meant their daddy could come along.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is 25 years old, and is a great place to visit. If you can’t go there this minute, visitors to the aquarium’s website can sneak a preview through the webcams OR look through these FUN film clips!

WARNING:  This is the very first time I’ve video-taped with my camera so these aren’t all that great, but they are still fun! OH, OH! I CAN’T upload my video! DARN! DARN! DOUBLE DARN! I will have to upgrade my WP account ($59) if I want to do that. If I hadn’t LOST my super-cool, but NOT as cool as I Phone while in Monterey, I could have afforded to upgrade. (I have a strong theory as to how I lost the phone, but do not feel like I can share that hypothesis at this time.) For right now, you’ll just have to be satisfied with a few photos. Sorry.

"Mine! MINE! Mine!"

LtoR: Abby's little head, some chunky lady, John Steinbeck, Brayden, & Drew

By the Bay - the Beautiful Bay!

"Where are the seals?"

This would be a nice place to insert a video of jelly fish or sea horses, but no, it’s not gonna happen unless I fork over $59. to WordPress. Instead Maegan will say “bye bye!”

She is SO done! We all were! But it was FUN!!!

P.S. If you’re wondering what happened to the food update, I enjoyed left-over baked oatmeal for breakfast (just as yummy as the first day), terrific ham & cheese on homemade bread along with sweet grapes from who-knows-where for lunch (delicious even when eaten in a parking garage), AND Johnny Rockets’ for dinner where I slurped down the best chocolate malted since 1959!